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Raised Floor & Engineering Supplies (M) Sdn. Bhd.

TAKO Group, a leader in the static control technology, manufactures a full range of static control and clean-room packaging materials for the Electronics and Semi-conductors industries. Through continuous research and development, TAKO has successfully developed both the anti-static and conductive high quality TAKO Raised Access Flooring Systems to cater for various applications and performance.

TAKO Cementitious Compound Infill Steel Panels are modular access floor panels manufactured using modern equipped manufacturing process and up to date quality imported materials.

They provide a flexible and economically viable solution to space planners in any advanced office environment. As they are capable of draining away static electricity, TAKO Cementitious Infill Steel HPL panels are meant for specific areas of access floor usage, such as in data centers, control rooms, clean rooms, hospitals, computer rooms, robotics centres for manufacturing computer and IT products where even the slightest amount of static electricity can cause damage of sensitive equipment worth hundred thousand of dollars.

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TAKO Cementitious Infill Steel HPL panels are best suited to cater for the improved acoustics requirement and load bearing capacities. Most computer centers have a surface covering known as antistatic High Pressure Laminate (HPL). HPL has become a standard in computer room design because of its durability, ease of maintenance and unique ability to dissipate static electricity build-up.

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TAKO OA and Bare panels are designed to accommodate the intense conditions of the ever-changing office environment. It addresses the need for systematic sub-floor management of the complex network of information system and electrical wiring, to create a functional work environment and practical layout of general office equipments.

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