About Us

Business Profile & Market Growth

Nature of Business

Manufacturer of TAKO Raised Access Floor System since 1996. We are specialist who provides design and built services and offer a wide range of raised flooring products to suit each and every specific and ever-changing requirements.

Market Growth

Consistently involve in R&D new product development and continuously provide competitive price through technology improvement and advancement.


What Benefits of Using TAKO Raised Floor System

Consider the use of TAKO Access Floors in meeting these challenges.

Distribution boxes, services ducts including raceways for optical fiber cables, power cables, ribbon cables, data cables, air-conditioning and fire protection can now be within the safe void of a few millimeter heights and contained there until they emerge at a specific usage point.

The possibilities remain endless and the cost benefits even greater. Upgrades to any services can be done with minimum costs and inconvenience.

The use of TAKO Access Floors to open planned office space and Data Centers give design flexibility, provide a neat cable management and allow for ease of upgrading / extension works in future. Simply a SMART solution for customers who want to maximize their initial upfront investment and seek for long term cost savings.

Easy installation & handling
Highly engineered with precision, accuracy and excellent load bearing strength
Fire safety, completely non-combustible, Class ‘A’ fire rating and ‘zero’ propagation
Variety of top surface finishes to choose from
Precise dimensions for complete inter-changeability
Grommets for cablecut-outs
Comply and exceed the most rigorous standards and specifications used internationally
Sound and feel like a concrete slab with superior acoustic performance
A long-term guarantee against defects
The combination of a wide range of steel grades and thickness maximizes strength & durability
Special additives added into the cement infill to further increase load bearing performance