Product Advantage
  • High strength, durable and a comfortable solid feel underfoot. Faster installation whilst future changes in floor height or re-leveling can be done quickly with minimum disruption to staffs.
  • Exceed all expectations during and after installation.
  • Durable and long lasting with corrosion resistant phosphate priming coat and a super tough powder coat finish
Corner Lock Understructure (Stringerless)
  • Provides a stringerless understructure system able to accommodate substantial finished floor height up to 300mm with maximum rigidity.
  • Creates a quiet, solid floor ideal for general office application.
  • Features captive fasteners that lock panel corners to pedestal heads.

Free Standing System Understructure (Stringerless & without screws to the panels)
  • Allows the most unrestricted access to the under floor area of all flooring system. Specially designed pedestal head prevents tipping of panels under dynamic loads application.
  • Recommended maximum FFH for standard assemblies is 300mm
  • Conductive sound deadening gasket
  • Positive location pins on each quadrant of the pedestal head to provide lateral stability.